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We provide bespoke metal sampling monoliths, and can advise and supply a range of hand augers and low power stereo-binocular microscopes.

Please email me to enquire

Bespoke Monolith and Kubiena Sampling Tins

‘Standard’ Bespoke Monolith tins

Purpose made and designed, bespoke monolith tins that are robust, re-usable, long-lasting (1.2mm thick mild steel) of various lengths (typically 25cm, 50cm and 75cm), sizes, and designs. They have perforations in the back to back to facilitate sampling wet and clayey deposits. All are pre-marked with an embossed ‘T’ for top – so that you always know the top of the sampled sequence! Embossed ‘T’ means you can feel the ‘T’ when laid on a lab bench and not have to turn over. These tins are used by a number of professional and university archaeologists and have even been shipped out and used by the British Antarctic Survey.

Other sample tins, kubiena tins, underwater sampling tins in stainless steel, steel flotation machines and russian corers also available. Contact me and enquire.

Standard design AEA bespoke monoliths

with holes in the back to facilitate easier insertion, especially in dense and wet deposits; all pre-marked with embossed ‘T’ for top

25cm x 8cmx 8cm. Only @ £25.00£23.00£22.00
50cm x 8cm x 8cm. Only @ £25.50£25.00£22.50
75cm x 8cm x 8cm. Only @ £27.50

Special Monoliths (as used by English Heritage)

Metal monoliths (stainless steel) with single kubiena-style lid (and open back). These wider, premium class monoliths are made of stainless steel, and wider enabling small bulk samples to be subsampled from them. Removable lid facilitates post-sampling description and laboratory subsampling

50.5cm x 10cm x 9.5cm @ £28.50

Hand Augers

There are a bewildering array of augers, probes and cores and these vary from fixed length to those with extension rods and detachable handles with a variety of different connections (screw, bayonet, sleeved etc.).

Good augers, and full auger set is not cheap, and it is easy to purchase new shiny augers that are not suitable for your needs, and not fit for purpose.

I can advise on the appropriate augers types and heads and supply. I also supply advice on their correct and safe use of augers and recording deposits. Please feel free to enquire.

Stereo-binocular microscopes

Microscopes come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, magnifications and price varying from a few £100 to several £1000.

Binocular, Trinocular, illuminated stages, magnifications, zoom, stepped magnetisations, magnification range Wild Field, auxiliary lighting? … do you know what you want, or need?

I have a range of stereo-microscopes from student microscopes, to good quality and nd very high quality and have dealt with a number of suppliers and makers so can help match you with the appropriate instruments for your needs.

I can advise and supply appropriate microscopes for you. Please contact me

Munsell colour charts

The industry standard for soil colours. Printed and produced with exacting precicion so every copy is identical

Cost £265 (discount possible on bulk buys)

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