Projects (& Clients)


Admirals Quay, Southampton, geoarchaeology (Southern City Council Archaeology Unit)
Bagendon, Gloucestershire – geoarchaeology (Durham University)
Bath (snails) (MoLAS)
Belle Tout, East Sussex – snails (Archaeology South East/UCL)
Bexhill Access road, East Sussex – geoarchaeology (CBAS)
Bottisham (Bendesye Farm), Cambridgeshire, snails (Northamptonshire Archaeology/MoLAS)
Boyne Valley snails (UC, Dublin)
Burwell, Cambridgeshire – land snails and geoarchaeology (Albion Archaeology/MoLAS)
Bury St. Edmonds, Suffolk – geoarchaeology (Suffolk Archaeology/Costwold Archaeology)
Calstock Fort, geoarchaeology (Univsierty of Exeter)
Cathedral Close, Exeter, geoarchaeology (Oakford Archaeology)
CBAS – training, protocols and guidelines
Congresbury, Somerset – geoarchaeology (ACD)
Eardisley Castle, Hereford Flixton, Suffolk – geoarchaeology (Suffolk Archaeology/Costwold Archaeology)
Godrevey, Gwithian, Cornwall – geoarchaeology snails (Cornwall Archaeological Unit)
Ham Hill, Somerset, geoarchaeology (University of Cambridge/Cambridge Archaeological Unit)
Hastings Gateway, East Sussex – geoarchaeology, consultancy, environmental archaeology (CBAS)
Hemerdon Down, Devon – geoarchaeology (ADC)
Hengistbury Head Education/Visitor Centre – interpretational material (Bournemouth Borough Council)
Knowth and New Grange snails (UC, Dublin)
Lakenheath – Suffolk – geoarchaeology (Suffolk Archaeology/Costwold Archaeology)
Lamb Walk, Bermondsey – geoarchaeology, consultancy (Heritage Collective)
L-P Archaeology, protocols and guidelines
Leiden Castelum, environmental archaeology programme (Leiden City Council, Netherlands)
Malaps Harbour, Cornwall, geoarchaeology (Harbour Master / Cornwall County Council)
Michelham Priory, East Sussex – geoarchaeology (Sussex Archaeological Society)
Mildenhall, Suffolk, enveioemental progarmme (Suffolk Archaeology CIC)
Penzance Heliport, Cornwall – geoarchaeology environmental archaeology (Cornwall Archaeological Unit)
Petworth House, West Sussex – geoarchaeology (CBAS/National Trust)
Pockcocks Field, Eastbourne, snails and geoarcheology (ASE)
Poole Harbour, geoarchaeology and environmental programme (Ramboll UK)
Poole RNLI, geoarchaeology and environmental programme (Ramboll UK)
Southampton Town Ditch, geoarchaeology, environmental archaeology (Southampton City Archaeology)
Skeffling, Yorkshire – molluscs (York Archaeological Trust)
Stratton Business Park, sampling strategy (Albion Archaeology)
Sutton Colville Marshes – geoarchaeology (Wallis Archaeology/ Suffolk Wildlife Trust)
Tuffley Park, Gloucestershire- geoarchaeology (ACW)
Thwing snails (University of Cambridge)
Ware, Hertfordshire – geoarchaeology, environmental archaeology (KDK Archaeology)
Woodbridge House, Uxbridge – geoarchaeology (KDK Archelogy)

Current & Ongoing

A30 Chiverton to Carland Cross, environmental lead, and geoarchaeology (Cornwall Archaeology Unit)
A391, environment an geoarchaeology (Cornwall Archaeology Unit)
Asps, Warwickshire (Archaeology Warwickshire)
Archaeology Warwickshire – training, protocols and guidelines
Blatchford Valley, Dorset, geoarchaeology and environmental programme (ACW)
Cerne Abbas Giant, Dorset – geoarchaeology (The National Trust)
Cornwall Archaeology Unit, protocols and guidelines
Coton Park, Rugby, (Archaeoology Warwickshire)
Crewkerne (land near) (ACW)
Forches Cross, Dorset, geoarchaeology and environmental programme (ACD)
Liverton, Devon, geoarchaeology and environmental programme (Oakland Archaeology)
Knowlton Circles, Dorset, snails and geoarchaeology (Terrain Archaeology)
Marazion Marsh, Cornwall – geoarchaeology environmental archaeology (Cornwall Archaeological Unit)
Must Farm – snails (Cambridge Archaeological Unit)
Mildenhall Suffolk, snails and environmental programme (Cotswold Archaeology, Suffolk)
Queensway, Southampton town Ditch, snails and environmental programme (Southampton City Archaeology Unit)
St George’s Road, Dorchester, snails (Terrain Archaeology)
Warwick Priory, environmental analyses (Archaeology Warwickshire)
Wessex water pipeline, Wiltshire – geoarchaeology, snails (ACW)

Some Research Projects

Stonehenge (SPACES), Tim Darvill, Bournemouth University
Avebury landscape Pollard, Gillings et al., Southampton & Bournemouth Universities, AHRC, National Trust
Stonehenge Riverside/Durrington Walls (UCL / AHRC / Mcdonald Institute of Cambridge University)
Pebblebeds, Chris Tilley, University College, London
Wiggold, Tim Darvill, Bournemouth University
Sisters Barrow, Tim Darvill, Bournemouth University

other clients include:

AC Archaeology, Albion Archaeology, Archaeology Collective, Archaeology South East, Archaeology Warwickshire, AOC, Bournemouth University, Cambridge Archaeological Unit, CFA Archaeology Ltd., Cornwall Archaeological Unit, Cotswold Archaeology Suffolk (formerly Suffolk Archaeology CIC), Culver Archaeology Project (Bridge Farm), CBAS, Context 1, University of Exeter, Heather Wallis Archaeology, Hereford Archaeology, Isle of Wight County Council, KDK Archaeology, L-P Archaeology, Oxford University, University of Manchester, The National Trust, Northamptonshire Archaeology/MoLAS, Oakford Archaeology, Southampton City Council Archaeology, University of Southampton, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, Sussex Archaeological Society, Sussex Wildlife Trust, SWAT, Terrain Archaeology, Wardell-Armstrong, York Archaeological Trust